Dentists debate Brexit

In its second debate on various political issues affecting dentists, Dentistry magazine has brought together some of the profession’s key players to discuss the potential impact of Britain’s eventual departure from the EU on dentists.

One topic high on the agenda for many of those present was the future of movement of labour, and what Brexit will mean for non-UK dentists.

It was agreed that people need to be given some assurance that they have a future in the UK, while one delegate pointed out that for the Government to “throw out” all the dentists who are providing a good, professional service would be absolute madness.

In addition, delegates agreed that many dentists from EU countries who have invested and bought practices in the UK, are concerned about what is going to happen once we leave the EU.

Dentists are also concerned about the cost of materials, with many noticing that prices have already gone up since the Referendum result on 23 June. Meanwhile, others have found that many suppliers do not publish their prices online or in catalogues, which can lead to confusion.

There was also speculation over whether products will meet health and safety and environmental regulations once we are no longer in the EU. As one dentist pointed out, at the moment, any product coming into the UK market has to have a CE mark but that may not be the case once we leave.

No one seems to know whether standards, or indeed prices, will remain the same once we leave or whether dentists will be able to look further afield for supplies. Those involved in the debate have called for more pointers about potential scenarios.

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